The essentials of leading and succeeding digitally

Virtual leadership and work practices play a vital role in overcoming the inherent challenges of exogenous disruptions whilst opening and securing new opportunities.

A new program to prepare you for the ongoing and forthcoming changes.

Key benefits. What’s in for me?

  • Improve Team Motivation

    Manage the internal dynamics of your virtual team by ensuring a fit between people, tasks and processes.

  • Increase Collaboration Productivity

    Ensure the performance and productivity of your virtual team through focusing on relevant criteria, appraisals and rewards.

  • Enhance Digital Work Capabilities

    Enrich the day-to-day interactions towards your employees and eliminate inefficiencies arising from mechanistic workflows, emails, and text messages which create a feeling of disconnection.

  • Build Up Digital Resilience

    Build your resilience in the digital workplace through thought awareness and learning by doing.

  • Expand Your Virtual Leadership Skills

    Understand the importance of emotional intelligence when leading your teams virtually and discover ways to overcome motivational challenges of your virtual teams.

  • Explore New Opportunities

    Learn how to unlock opportunities of remote digital work. Effectively prepare and manage virtual teams. Turn disengaged employees into empowered ones that will shape innovative solutions.

Format & Features

  • Virtual Learning Spaces

    All of our modules are delivered in a carefully designed, unique virtual learning setting with a manageable number of participants to ensure maximum engagement.

  • Multiple 90-Minute Sessions

    Every module consists of three to five 90-minute blocks which are distributed over subsequent days in order to better cope with the demanding needs for work-life-balance.

  • Seamless Interactivity

    Experience a high-quality, seamless learning experience and directly apply your newly acquired knowledge with peers from other companies during the modules.

  • Top-Notch Speakers

    Learn from our renowned academic and industry experts who will share their knowledge, tools and insights to empower your capabilities.

  • Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

    Become part of the exclusive Alumni group and grow your network by connecting with other mid-level or senior executives from leading corporations.

  • Digital Academy Certificate

    The participating managers will be awarded with a certificate of participation.

Corporate programs available

Right now, we do not offer open enrollment classes of Virtual X.
However, we do offer customized corporate programs for your team and your company.
In case of interest, just write us an email.

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